Create Unstoppable Digital Ecosystems

unstoppable momentum

Building Digital Ecosystems requires discipline

Organizations adopting Web 3.0 solutions to harness the potential of Digital Ecosystems are faced with unprecedented challenges with regards to user-adoption, governance and compliance.
the way of the tiger

“We build unstoppable ecosystems for a fair and transparent decentralized future”

Dimitri De Jonghe — Co-Founder

Networks should be more accessible to users, developers and operators

Keyko helps companies implement and automate their Digital Ecosystems with operational and governance frameworks that improve adoption and reduce regulatory and compliance risks relative to user privacy.

Achieving excellence in Digital Ops is paramount

Keyko is a full-stack web3 dōjō with a passion for Open Source and fairness.

We promote openness and inclusivity through decentralized systems with a balanced approach to developer operations.
dōjō: place of the way
our services

How can Keyko help me?

Digital Ecosystem Adoption & Scale

I’m trying to increase user-adoption and ramp up community engagement...

• FLOSS Integration and Management
• Evaluation of Deployment Practices (Modularity)
• Self-Sovereign Design Patterns
• Web 3.0 Inclusivity Best Practices
• (Single) Node Development & Management
• Crypto-Economic Incentives / Gamification

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Digital Ecosystem Advisory

I’d like to improve governance and implement compliant decentralized networks...

• Digital Ecosystem Governance Evaluation
• Data Compliance and Regulation
• Incentives & Gamification

• Decentralized Capability Maturity Assessment
• Validator Empowerment Frameworks for Networks
• Security & Blockchain Audit

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DigitalOps Excellence

I’d like to automate the collaborative development of distributed systems...

• Operational Excellence (OpEx)  
• Operational Security (OpSec) 
• Blockchain Development & Deployment
• APIs & RPCs w/ Secure Automated Access Control 
• Automated Service Level Agreements
• Specifications, RFPs and Improvement Proposals

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setting to work
our work

Projects we're proud of


what they do

Celo is an open platform that makes financial tools accessible to anyone with a mobile phone.

how we collaborated

Keyko is aiding Celo with the development of their revolutionary financial platform.

what we achieved

Keyko has helped Celo reach its most recent milestones, the Great Celo Stake Off, the launch of Release Candidate 1 (RC1) and the launch of their Mainnet.

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Ocean Protocol

what they do

Ocean Protocol is a project aimed at unlocking siloed data for the benefit of accelerating adoption of the data economy.

how we collaborated

Keyko leverages technology from Ocean Protocol to tackle challenges related to data usage like decentralized data access control.

what we achieved

The team at Keyko was the core engineering team at Ocean Protocol. We designed, built, and deployed Pacific, Ocean Protocol’s V1.0 release.

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Outlier Ventures

what they do

Outlier Ventures is a Venture Capital firm based in London, England that advises, invests, and supports the development of technologies for an open data economy.

how we collaborated

Keyko has partnered with OV to bring Operational Excellence to the Convergence Stack.

what we achieved

Keyko is actively working with OV to improve the adoption and scalability of cutting-edge open data solutions and Digital Ecosystems.

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Token Factory

what they do

Token Factory built blockimmo and STX.SWISS, regulatory compliant digital issuance and trading solutions for various regulated and non-regulated assets, including fractional real estate ownership.

how we collaborated

Keyko has partnered with Token Factory to provide customers with state-of-the-art digital issuance and trading solutions.

what we achieved

Keyko is actively delivering solutions that transform existing business models into Digital Ecosystems with Web3 technology.

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sensei: teacher
the keyko dojo

Our Sensei

Born out of a desire to continuously deepen our knowledge and become masters of our craft, our expert team comes together from around the world representing disciplines spanning IOT and AI to highly distributed Big Data systems and protocol engineering.

At Keyko, we believe our world is far from homogeneous, and such is our dōjō.

We are diverse and disparate. We are young and old.
We are unstoppable and we are bold. 

We are the way. Welcome to our dōjō.
don gossen
Black Belt in
Aitor Argomaniz
Black Belt in
Technology Solutions
Dimitri De Jonghe, PhD
Black Belt in
Decentralized Systems & Protocols
Brian Haacke
Black Belt in
Operations & Delivery
Javier Cortejoso
de Andres
Black Belt in
DevOps & OpSec
Sami Mäkelä, PhD
Black Belt in
Formal Verification
Pedro Gutiérrez
Black Belt in
Frontend Architecture
Mark messow
Black Belt in
Strategy &
Jose Pablo Fernández
Black Belt in
Big Data Architecture
sebastian gerske
Black Belt in
Enrique Ruiz Garcia
Black Belt in
Big Data
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