Drive Innovation Through Web 3.0 Adoption

Anticipate the risks and opportunities that decentralization brings to your business and integrate the right solutions to respond

Innovation Funnel

We help Enterprises prioritise and hone their Web 3.0 innovation ideas

Idea Validation
& Use Case Development

We validate and develop your Proof of Concept (PoC) or Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Launch & Scale

We make sure your  solution is adoptable, deployable, scalable, secure and compliant.

Innovation Funnel

I want to understand how Web 3.0 can disrupt my industry
I need to empathize with stakeholders and understand how they will be impacted
I need to prioritize my Web 3.0 innovation ideas for validation
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1. web 3.0 advisory

With 45+ yrs of combined Web 3.0 experience, Keyko helps your business identify emerging disruptions and turn them into business opportunities.

Industry Specific Research
Opportunity Identification
Web 3.0 Knowledge Workshops
Threat Identification
2. human centered innovation

Keyko helps you understand the impact of Web 3.0 disruption from the perspective of your stakeholders and identify which areas of your business are ripe for innovation.

Design Thinking Workshops
Service Blueprint - Current & Future State
Journey Mapping - Current & Future State
Business Impact Assessment
3. use case evaluation & prioritization

Keyko helps you identiify and prioritize which innovaton projects to validate within the next 3-12 months.

Priority Assessment
Desirability Assessment
Tech Feasibility
Commercial Viability

“We help enterprises anticipate the threat and understand the opportunities of Web 3.0”

Brian Haacke — Co-Founder

Idea Validation & Use Case Development

I need Web 3.0 domain expertise to validate my use case
I need take an idea into a detailed design and scope for creating a prototype or MVP
I need to build a functional prototype, PoC or MVP for my product design
1. Idea validation

Understand and validate what is needed to develop your idea, including critical user stories and underlying technology such as smart contracts, community incentives and wallets.

Requirements Gathering
Objective Setting
Personalized Tech Assessment
Journey Mapping
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2. experience design

Keyko works with you to produce a detailed design of the customer experience to successfully scope out your PoC or MVP.

Use Case Tech Assessment
Journey Mapping & User Stores
Scope Setting & Design Definition
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3. Poc / mvp development

Leverage expert Web 3.0 software developers to bring your project to life with exceptional mobile-first user experiences.

Development project scoping
Sprint based incremental product delivery
Transparent agile development
Expert setup of Web 3.0 DevOps
Sprint reviews and feedback
Integrated CI/CD Pipelines
Contract Design
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Annual spending on
blockchain projects by 2023

Source: CB Insights


of executives from global companies agree that there is a compelling case for blockchain

Source: Deloitte


of executives surveyed have brought blockchain into production in 2020

Source: Deloitte

Launch & Scale

I need to ensure that my Web 3.0 solutions work with my existing technology stack
I need to launch my Web 3.0 project and generate widespread adoption
I need a provider to manage my Web 3.0 services
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1. corporate systems integration

We provide support to integrate Web 3.0 technologies into existing legacy estates, ensuring that your production environment is adoptable, deployable, scalable, secure and compliant.

Production Readiness Assessment
Chaos Engineering
DevOps & Corporate Systems Integration
Security & Legal compliance
2. launch & scale

We help you launch your decentralized solution and nurture its adoption through well designed governance and incentive mechanisms.

Governance & DAOs
Marketing & PR
Incentive Implementation
User Onboarding
3. hosting, monitoring,
maintenance & support

Keyko’s concierge services take care of the heavy lifting by offering best-in-class operations support and services.

Monitoring & Maintenance
Hosting Services
Security Audits
Ongoing Tech Support & Hosting Services

Keyko Use Cases

Current private asset trading “platforms” are antiquated, relying on a blend of legacy technology, outmoded manual business processes, and redundant participants.

Keyko’s solution modernizes existing processes through a sophisticated, high-value digital ecosystem that increases transactional throughput and fidelity.

The result is the establishment of true and transparent asset ownership  and removal of unnecessary intermediaries.

Large institutional funding vehicles like development banks have difficulty with disbursement tracking, task completion provenance, and invoicing fidelity.

Keyko works with leading banks in the space to develop cutting edge disbursement technology, which includes general invoicing and work completion as well as payment allocation & tracking via a decentralized network.

The level of granularity provides tracking at the lowest level in order to understand where money is being allocated and how it is being used. This in turn helps satisfy disbursement compliance as well sponsorship requirements.

Service Pages

Web 3.0

We provide engineering support for Web 3.0 projects


We help enterprises anticipate the threat and understand the opportunities of Web 3.0

Open Finance

We integrate Open Finance technology into existing legacy suites

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