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Open Finance Revolution

Keyko helps traditional financial services organizations pioneer the adoption of open finance solutions and disrupt “Neo Banks”.


We identify best-of-breed solutions to help transform your business


We custom-build open finance solutions and adapt them to your business needs


We integrate with your existing tech stack & oversee explosive adoption


I must compete with fintechs, neobanks and decentralized finance (DeFi) solutions

The rise of Fintechs and Neobanks has increased consumer appetite for fully digital experiences - Keyko helps you identify the missing link in your products' service, operations or maintenance, and advises you on which processes can be transformed with bleeding edge tech.

Digital Strategy
Operations Optimizatiion
Gap-fit Analysis: Needs
Business Process Audit
Toolset Selection & Auditing
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“We help make sense of a chaotic financial services landscape & shepherd those existing entrepreneurs that want to disrupt the disruptors”

Don Gossen — Co-Founder


I need to identify which business processes are outdated and easy to disrupt
I want to integrate best-in-class open finance tech into my product offering
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1. business process optimization

Keyko takes a mobile first approach to designing inclusive open finance solutions to help you stay ahead of the curve.

Digital Issuance
Mobile First Design
Order Book Matching
OTC Digitization
Digital Clearing & Settlement
Legacy Asset Digitization
2. Open finance solutions

Keyko combines years of experience in the financial services sector with expertise in Web 3.0 to help businesses revolutionize their products.

Digital KYC / AML Integration
Automated Dividend Services
Digital Custodial Services
Digital Private Asset Trading
Digital Wallets


Million Europeans will use neobanks by 2023

Source: Kearney


Global Consumer Adoption of Fintech in 2019

Source: EY


of traditional trading firms trading digital assets in 2020

Source: Fintech News


CAGR in the global digital asset management market from 2020-2025

Source: GlobeNewswire


I need to integrate Web 3.0 tech into my existing toolset
I want use Open Finance technologies to enhance customer experience & drive user adoption
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1. integration

We integrate open finance technology into cumbersome and rigid legacy estates with surgical precision.

Engineering Audit
Virtual Machine Setup
Token Design & Economics
Contract Design
Protocol Design
2. Adoption

Keyko helps traditional financial services firms to create outstanding solutions and drive unstoppable digital ecosystem adoption.

Incentive Design
UX Design
Engineering Experience
Governance Models

Keyko Use Cases

Current private asset trading “platforms” are antiquated, relying on a blend of legacy technology, outmoded manual business processes, and redundant participants.

Keyko’s solution modernizes existing processes through a sophisticated, high-value digital ecosystem that increases transactional throughput and fidelity.

The result is the establishment of true and transparent asset ownership and removal of unnecessary intermediaries.

Large institutional funding vehicles like development banks have difficulty with disbursement tracking, task completion provenance, and invoicing fidelity.

Keyko works with leading banks in the space to develop cutting edge disbursement technology, which includes general invoicing and work completion as well as payment allocation & tracking via a decentralized network.

The level of granularity provides tracking at the lowest level in order to understand where money is being allocated and how it is being used. This in turn helps satisfy disbursement compliance as well sponsorship requirements.

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Web 3.0

We provide engineering support for Web 3.0 projects


We help enterprises anticipate the threat and understand the opportunities of Web 3.0

Open Finance

We integrate Open Finance technology into existing legacy suites

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