Rapidly Deploy Decentralized Solutions

Keyko improves network adoption & scalability by promoting healthy decentralization practices

Project Delivery
& Mainnet Launch

We support project pipeline delivery for network implementation and launch

Network Operation,
Maintenance & Support

We build and maintain critical network infrastructure components

Network Adoption
& Token Use Cases

We generate compelling use cases and develop d'Apps

“We solve complex problems in the decentralized space ranging from protocol engineering and governance to tooling and decentralized applications”

Dimitri De Jonghe — Co-Founder

Project Delivery & Mainnet Launch

I need engineering support for continuous delivery
I want to implement and lead a successful mainnet launch
I want to provide the tools and support to improve developer experience
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1. stack integration

Selecting the right technology stack for your project and integrating it successfully is fundamental to building a robust network. Keyko integrates directly with your engineering team to support with your delivery pipeline.

Engineering Audit
Virtual Machine Setup
Token Design & Economics
Contract Design
Protocol Design
2. Mainnet delivery

Getting ready for a mainnet launch is no easy feat. Keyko has the Web 3.0 engineering pedigree to help you successfully reach mainnet and support your team at every stage of the process.

Mainnet Delivery
Network Governance
Core Smart Contracts
Key Management & Crypto Wallets
Engineering Audit
3. tooling, monitoring & support

Building healthy decentralized ecosystems relies on nurturing an active community of users and developers. Keyko helps networks create outstanding tooling and documentation to encourage open source development.

Operational Excellence
Token Design & Economics
Crypto Wallets
Network Infrastructure Validation
Contract Design

Network Operation,
Maintenance & Support

I want to deploy infrastructure and promote a healthy decentralized network

Developing a functional decentralized network requires technical expertise and relevant capabilities. Keyko offers 45+ years of combined Web 3.0 engineering excellence to help deploy your network and integrate best practices.

Validator Node Operation & Maintenance
Chaos Engineering
Transparency Tooling
Network Governancee
Resilience Testing
UX Tooling
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Aggregate Ecosystem Market Cap for Networks Launched


Capital Raised for Networks Launched


Major Ecosystem launches in less than 12 Months


Years of Combined
Experience in Web 3.0

Network Adoption
& Token Use Cases

I want to explore new use cases & network integrations
I want to encourage dApp development,
create new tooling & increase network adoption
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1. Use case development - PoC & MVP

We work directly with network partners to create a utlity fit and to develop use cases on  top of your network.

Journey Mapping
Use Case Tech Assesssment
User Stories
Protocol & Smart Contract Design
Technical Implementation
2. community building

Building up a healthy decentralized community requires good governance and incentivization. Keyko brings the experience and expertise to help you grow your community.

dApp Development
Incentive Implementation
UX Tooling
DAO's & Governance
Crypto Wallets
FLOSS Integration & Management

Keyko Products

Giving participants access to relevant network insights is a vital part of sustaining a healthy digital ecosystems; and the Web 3.0 Monitoring agent does just that.

The Web 3.0 monitoring agent is configured to ingest data connected to network nodes (blocks, events, state variables and transactions) and provide a clear analytics in real time.

This block explorer has been heavily customized to meet Celo’s needs and was developed in Elixir, a language developed for telecommunications which is purpose built for efficient processes, and it runs on the Erlang virtual machine.

The Celo block explorer uses agents that crawl and index the chain, expose it to web APIs, web sockets and graphQL endpoints, thus making the process of querying the blockchain data very efficient.

Choosing a reliable node operator is the most important decision to get the most out of your investment in a proof-of-stake network.

Failing to vote on the network causes opportunity cost and voting for an unreliable provider can result in significantly less rewards.

The Keyko team are seasoned node operators with extensive experience in building and maintaining proof of stake infrastructure.

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Web 3.0

We provide engineering support for Web 3.0 projects


We help enterprises anticipate the threat and understand the opportunities of Web 3.0

Open Finance

We integrate Open Finance technology into existing legacy suites

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